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Posted By: Jimmy C
25-Jan-01 - 10:54 AM
Thread Name: Queen Victoria
Subject: RE: Queen Victoria
Grab, I see where you are coming from, and I agree to a point, it depends on the motive for bringing it up. If it is to open old sores then it is wrong, but if it just for discussion as is the case with this thread then there is nothing wrong with it. Also if we do not remember the past why is history being taught in schools and universities, or is it only "GOOD" history that should be recorded. In Canada we have a Victorian Day holiday ( 24th May weekend)), apparently to celebrate this woman and her glorious reign, There was nothing glorious about her reign, there was nothing glorious about her, In retrospect we should remember that the british empire stretched far and wide which is ok if you can name one country where they were invited to. Thank God, the sun never set on that empire, otherwise we would have to wonder what they would have been up to in the dark. Mcmoo you are quite right, it is happening again and again which is a blight on mankind and something we should all be ashamed of.