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Posted By: Bert
14-Sep-98 - 02:33 PM
Thread Name: Intellectual property
Subject: RE: Intellectual property
I was thinking that it might simplify things if people here could say "Mudcat standard permission" or something like that.

I think that most songwriters write songs which they think are (at least) worth the trouble of writing.
Most Mudcat songwriters don't write for profit and I don't think that they mind sharing their songs on a reasonable basis. But, if someone should perchance come along and create a hit out of one of our songs I don't see why they should be allowed to rip off the songwriter.

I don't write my songs with the intention of them being hit songs. I write because I have something to say.

What has often surprised me is that the songs which I consider almost trival seem to be those most appreciated by my listeners. ANY song can become a hit under the right circumstances, it doesn't have to be a GOOD song in order to make money (just listen to the radio)

What I am trying to establish is "What do WE consider to be reasonable when sharing our songs?" We want to share our songs, we want other people (especially Mudcatters)to sing them but we also need some protection for them.

This would of course be an option that the 'poster' could agree to or not as they chose for that particular posting.

What do you think?