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Posted By: Jim Carroll
30-Aug-16 - 08:27 AM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
AH - Bruce the Goosestepper crawled out from under his stone
"And yet you NEVER complain about the use of ATOMIC weapons by the Palestinians."
Atomic weapons - that's a new one on me - enlighten me.
I know Israel attempted to arm the Apartheid regime in South Africa with Nuclear weapons - they declined, because they realised that they would have to hand them over to 'the blecks" when they were finally kicked out.
So Israel had to settle for setting up its own Apartheid State
What a sick, cowardly little man you are.
Chemicals that burn the faces off children (the Israelis havfe targeted schools with them) are chemnical weapons, pure and simple, and recognised such by the civilised world, which is why they have been condemned and all but banned.
"still seem fine with the use of real "
You mean "find", I'm sure.
I condemn the use of chemical weapons, whoever uses them.
I have ben an opponent of the Assad regime from day one (go look at the Homs Horror thread) - whole your two mates, Keith and Teribus, were defending (at the height of the Homs massacres) the sales of sniper ammunition,, armoured cars and riot control equipment - one of the tossers said it would be fine to sell them equipment to oppose the protestors as "even democratic countries have a right to keep civil order" (or some such crass phrases)
I think the Assad regime is a monstrous one and it's equally as monstrous for Britain to have continued selling them this equipment long after they knew of its human rights record.
Now - back under your bridge O Brainless one.
Jim Carroll