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Posted By: GUEST
16-Aug-16 - 09:20 PM
Thread Name: Martin Conservatoire (Canadian Martin Guitar)
Subject: RE: Martin Conservatoire (Canadian Martin Guitar)
Interesting conversation here. I have one too. It's not "Conservatoire" it's, "Conservatore". From all that I've read, I gather it's a Sigma, and the headstock from Levin Goyas, all connected to overseas manufacture, mainly, as mine is, from Korea. I also have a Vega, another Martin connection, and my Conservatore is way way better than that, better sound, better build, really solid.

From what I gather, a lot of people here and elsewhere, pan these guitars as inferior to Martin or even Sigmas. Let me remind you, these never cost thousands of dollars, as did Martins, they were cheap guitars
I have a Sigma Dm-4, this sounds every bit as good as that and the build is great, neck straight, not bad for a 40 year old guitar, has a little laquer scratch on top, poor thing, could have been a sigma, but had to be labelled Conservatore.

So Martin has a reputation to uphold, they're not going to say, yes, it's one of our labels, if I ran Martin I'd do the same, deny it ever existed. I've been around guitars forever, I have so many, acquired a taste for sound, this guitar sounds great for the money.

I once compared a suzuki dread with a Martin D-45 built in the 50's with solid Brazilian back and sides, and spruce top, a friend of mine owns it, beautiful guitar, we did a blind test, man it was hard to distinguish, not just for me, but for my friend who owns it too.

So all you owners of Conservatores, play them and love them, you can't find anything that sounds that good for the money.