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Posted By: TamthebamfraeScotland
23-Jan-01 - 12:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: Scottish National Anthem
Subject: RE: BS: Scottish National Anthem
To Zander

I don't know where you get the idea that Flower of Scotland is Anti-English, because it's not. In the last verse the words are THOSE DAYS ARE GONE NOW AND IN THE PAST THE MUST REMAIN BUT WE CAN STILL RISE NOW AND BE THE NATION AGAIN.

What that verse means that the days of hating the English is in the past, and that's where they should remain, however if all the people in Scotland rise up against Westminster, we might be free again.

It's like these people who think that the S.N.P. is an anti-english party, they're not as a matter of fact we welcome anyone into our party with their English or not.

Unlike some other parties in Britain.

So as I say I can't see how Flower of Scotland is anti-English, it's anti Westminster.

I think that the national anthem for Scotland should either The red Flag or Bandiera rossa.

Or even the Internationale.