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Posted By: gnu
09-Aug-16 - 04:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: Rap for emperor
Subject: RE: BS: Rap for emperor
Yeah? Well somebody has to get the blighters TO the Imperial Oubliette and that's my job so, when you say I am gonna have to bounce myself, I gotta wonder if yer scepter is still sighted in proper like, eh IRex?

As far as fancy shotguns what you cost dirt, I can only assume that's because you bought 'em ages ago. As far as yer fancy riffles, nah, my cheapass Commie shotgun is all I need on the range because it works REAL good in the fly infested bog country of Kent County, New Brunswick where the trees are thicker than the flies so it'll be just fine on the range up to 150m on accounta I still have CIL ammo. Nowadays, we gotta load our own if we want decent ammo on accounta you Yanks brought in all yer cheapass store-bought ammo and put CIL outta business. Years ago, I had high brass up the ass... now, all I can buy is low steel crap. Good for shootin sparrows on the clotheline but useless in the one-by-ones (one inch diameter pines one inch apart).

No disrespect intended. Well, some but not a lot.

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