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Posted By: Donuel
28-Jul-16 - 08:43 PM
Thread Name: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Subject: RE: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Turning my eyes outward I see the conundrum of waiting and worrying.
It has a tendency to spiral out of control sometimes. A trick to counter all that is to take all the things that exist in the universe and make it a denominator, then put the one or two bad things on top as the numerator. You've really cut that worry down to size.

I remember how scared I was of deep water as a kid. I had a dream of a Leprechaun figure sitting at the bottom of the pool, clay pipe and all.
He calmly watched me as I sank to he bottom desperate for air. He said in his Irish brogue "you know you used to breathe the water". I shook my head no. "Try it". I couldn't hold my breathe anymore so I took a slow breath of water. "see, it works". He said he had to go and vanished.
I never had a fear of water again.

Sure it was silly nonsense that I basically told myself but it worked.
Years later this what I did for a living as a hypnotist.

I helped my older son when he was targeted by Internet bullies to kill himself. We invoked a mental journey across a desert and he became immune to all bullies. But I have yet to reach my youngest in any way shape or form and he remains virtually bed ridden. If he had a dreaded disease he would probably have all sorts of support but instead he is an island without wind or trees. He supports one thing and that is his internet and gaming addiction.

I think a support group of internet addicts is needed. But will he help himself. So far he won't.