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Posted By: Jimmy C
23-Jan-01 - 12:47 AM
Thread Name: Queen Victoria
Subject: RE: Queen Victoria
Troll, You are right, Victoria did send some money to aid the starving in Ireland. The same week she sent a lot more money to aid a dogs home in Battersea. I am not implying that England caused the famine but the government could have helped a lot more.

The Potato crop failed not only in Ireland but is some other European countries as well, but their governments had the sense not to continue to export export food at the same time. There were also some decent concerned landowners who spent their fortunes trying to help the people in their areas.

Kendall they had lots of food stored in warehouses but Trevallian would not distribute it because he did not want to establish a welfare society. There is a road built across the Mourne Mountains in Co,Down that goes nowhere. But people had to build it to get a little money just to buy food. This food could have been distributed free of charge, many people would have benefitted from it, instead they had to use whatever energy and strength they had left building a stupid unnecessary road so that they would qualify for food. It was even worse in the west of Ireland

Seeing that is was cheaper to pay their passage to America than to keep them at home and feed them, some concerned landlords paid the fare for many of their tenants.

Thank God America opened her arms to welcome the millions that ventured across the Atlantic.We will never forget that, just as we will never forget Victoria and the British actions either. I'm proud to say that the vast majority became good citizens of their adopted country, But England does have a lot to answer for.