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Posted By: Teribus
23-Jun-16 - 12:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: To Br/Exit Or Not To Br/Exit
Subject: RE: BS: To Br/Exit Or Not To Br/Exit
"I don't know how far the kind of reforms needed have to be be agreed by all governments, or just by a majority of MEPs, and nor do you. I would suspect that in respect of some significant aspects the latter is the case."

I am very surprised that you are so completely unaware of the limitation of power of the European Parliament. You speak as though they can alter how the EU is run - simply put they cannot as they have little say in how it is run:

"Neither the Parliament nor the Council have the power of legislative initiative. In Community matters, this is a power uniquely reserved for the European Commission (the executive). Therefore, while Parliament can amend and reject legislation, to make a proposal for legislation, it needs the Commission to draft a bill before anything can become law

Exactly the opposite is how the Westminster Parliament is run with Bills being introduced by elected members of the Commons, or very occasionally by sitting Lords, then after having been debated and discussed through three cycles in both Commons and Lords the Bill is then passed to the Civil Service to be codified, formally drawn up and sent to receive Royal Assent where upon it becomes law.

Are the EU Commission's 28 members "elected" MEPs - NO THEY ARE NOT - All 28 are nominees put forward by their respective Governments (The last two put forward by the UK have never been elected to any political office in their lives) The Parliament gets to elect the President of the Commission from a list given them by the European Council (If that list has only one candidate then there is no choice at all) The European Parliament cannot object to or refuse any single candidate nominated and put forward by his/her Government, they can only vote on the Commission as a body - again no real power, they are there to rubber stamp the proceedings, nothing more.

Any reform has to be agreed by all Governments who then somehow have to convince the Commission, whose sworn task it is to look towards what is beneficial to the Community (i.e. Themselves), to introduce the reform Bill, the MEPs only get to look at it after it has been written.