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Posted By: Teribus
21-Jun-16 - 10:14 AM
Thread Name: BS: To Br/Exit Or Not To Br/Exit
Subject: RE: BS: To Br/Exit Or Not To Br/Exit
Some more information for you Kenny B:

Get elected as an MEP
With your Pay + Allowances (All Tax Free) for five years.
That earns you an 80% full pay Pension which is automatically taxed at the lowest rate of tax within the EU irrespective of where you actually live.
You get tax free lump sums to move in and a similar one to leave. If you manage it right you do not actually have to touch your "Salary" for five years.
That is just for an ordinary MEP. The real gravy train starts if you manage to wangle yourself onto EU Parliamentary committees - then you can really start milking the cow.
Best of all however if you manage to get yourself appointed as an EU Commissioner.

Remember the Queen's Speech that Kinnock as Leader of the Opposition refused to attend in the Palace of Westminster because of his deep seated objection to the institution of the Upper Chamber - Overcame those objections PDQ when he was offered his own seat in the place at 300 per day sitting or 150 per day if absent. Neil tends not to sit, while wifie a "Lord" in her own right likes the money and signs in to collect it - doesn't do much else though - hypocrites or what?

By the way Kevin, to become the Prime Minister of the UK you have to have been elected to the House of Commons - now tell me what you have to be elected to, to become the President of the European Union Commission, or become the President of the European Council for that matter - the answer of course is nothing - both are selected from a list of appointees - "the people" have no say and once in place they cannot be removed.

Now the Cabinet of the UK on the other hand:
"Ministers of the Crown, and especially Cabinet ministers, are selected primarily from the elected members of House of Commons, and also from the House of Lords, by the Prime Minister."

Nice try Kevin but there is one hell of a difference.

European Parliament = useless talking shop with no power whatsoever.
European Commission = Unelected clique who dictate policy and further their own interests without any regard for anybody else. Without doubt the most corrupt and unaccountable body on the face of this earth - wouldn't surprise me if Sepp Blatter was appointed as the next President of the EU Commission - after all he did such a great job at FIFA.