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Posted By: Jim Carroll
19-Jun-16 - 09:10 AM
Thread Name: BS: To Br/Exit Or Not To Br/Exit
Subject: RE: BS: To Br/Exit Or Not To Br/Exit
Not to belabour old battles from dead threads...... (but if Israel can be brought up as an example!
When Ireland was partitioned and the administration in the Six Counties announced its intention was to set up a Protestant State subservient to Britain in which Catholics would be exclude from office where possible and if not, neutralised among the first things it did was to dismantle the Proportional Representation electoral system and replace it with a first-past-the-post one.
This lead to an undemocratic and repressively divided sectarian state which never changed until conditions there brought about open warfare which spread to mainland Britain - that was what brought them to teh conference table - which doesn't seem to have reached the tea break yet, let alone a solution.
First-past-the-post makes a mockery of the term 'democracy'
Jim Carroll