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Posted By: Jim Carroll
18-Jun-16 - 02:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: To Br/Exit Or Not To Br/Exit
Subject: RE: BS: To Br/Exit Or Not To Br/Exit
"Paying 250 per ton for coal when our competitors"
Thank you for confirming that our major industries have been deliberately and systematically destroyed and have been for profit - now please go and tell your friend.
No country that relies totally on imports can be sustainable, particularly in a crisis.
The quality of British goods was unmatchable throughout the world despite your having described them as "crap" (it takes a true patriot to describe British Steel as "crap").
Buying cheap for the working person is a false economy, the inferior quality of the materials means that they no longer have the usage-life and have to be replaced in a shorter time - fine for the profiteer, more costly for the user.
Blaming British Labour costs is typical Tory double-speak - at no time in British history has the working person been overpaid - Tory double-speak.   
Try fly-by-night profiteering, under-investment, lack on incentive on the part of the worker and simple mismanagement.
Profit has completely elbowed out national well-being and planning for Britain's future - the quick buck and lets blame the workers has replaced planning for the future - hence the hand-to-mouth policies which have lessened the values of peoples' lives.
Not only have the British people as a whole suffered directly from these policies, but the slave-like conditions the workers who produce the foreign goods we buy have to endure has destabalised the entire planet - Britain has now become and investor in neo-slavery.
The results of this have been a massive refugee crisis, destabaliing national upheavals which have been capitalised on by religious nutters, creating an international terrorism crisis, the necessity to prop up despots to keep the oil flowing........
This system is no longer fit for purpose - an administration which should serve all the people, now exclusively serves only the most wealthy and the most acquisitively predatory with a nod to national well-being only at election time.
If the economy is more profitable, the British citizen is not benefiting from that profitability - proven beyond dispute by the accelerating gap between rich and poor, and the eroding away of the rights of ordinary people who have never had a sufficient say in their working lives, but now have none whatever - a voice through the unions, security of employment, a choice in what we spend our lives doing, security of tenure..... gone within the last thirty years.
The world is facing a new FINANCIAL CRISIS and things are due to get worse - all the Little Englander walls are not going to exacerbate that situation - at a time we need friends, we are being asked to adopt an "I want to be alone" isolationist policy in the best Greta Garbo tradition in order to win back an independence which was long sold before we became part of the E.U.
All the workers' fault and the immigrants, of course (as claimed by the claimed by the sewer level advertising now reached by Ukip and Teribus the Tory.
Jim Carroll