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Posted By: Donuel
01-Jun-16 - 08:51 AM
Thread Name: BS: Harry Potter film (Goblet of Fire)
Subject: RE: BS: Harry Potter film (Goblet of Fire)
I am about to tell you the most brave and scary moment I have ever had at the cinema. Of course it happened at the Goblet of Fire episode when Voldemort, for the first time, finally achieved his full size and powerful form on screen.

I attended the film with my son Robert and had great aisle seats near the front but behind the aisle that separated us from all the ultra close seats to the screen. At 13 Robert is a big boy. He does not have photographic memory but has the closest thing to eidetic memory of anyone I know. The world for Robert is a very literal place. One Halloween when the ladies at the dead end arranged a scary house that ended with lunging yelling witches, he ran screaming, as they remarked, louder than anyone that night. testing showed he was on the autism spectrum and "suffered" from hyperlexia which meant that he was reading and writing on the computer since he was 2 but did not speak aloud until he was 6.

At the theatre I was nervously eating popcorn as I have just witnessed Roundtail slice off his own hand and stab Harry for the blood unwillingly given. Just as the reanimated Voldemort draws his wand to attack the boys, Suddenly Robert appears by the aisle in a fully extended rapier thrust and yells in a full throated roar EXPERIAMUS!

The audience for the first three seconds were pulled into and out of the film with a gasp. I flinched but could not move. No one else had attempted to help Harry.

I sat through to the end feeling a little embarrassed, but proud.