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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
24-Apr-16 - 08:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: Grammar Police/Pedant alert
Subject: RE: BS: Grammar Police/Pedant alert

Heheh! That last one reminds me of a biology lesson I'd organised for a class of eleven-year-olds. Each pupil was presented with a woodlouse in a Petri dish and a lens, along with a worksheet to fill in based on their observations of said minibeast.

Question One was "Name your animal". Twenty-nine out of thirty answered "woodlouse." The other one answered "Jimmy."

Of course the 'odd one out' is correct.
Also, "Name your animal" is not a question, but an instruction. (so it can't be "Question one")
If teachers can't get it right, what chance do their pupils have?

From: Senoufou - PM
Date: 23 Apr 16 - 05:09 PM

Steve and Michael, I'm dying laughing here!

I seem to remember a list in some newspaper of howlers, and one was "Where did King John sign the Magna Carta?" answered by one bright spark, "At the bottom."

Apparently, again, the teacher is asking a misleading question.
King John did not sign the Magna Carta, he affixed his seal.