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Posted By: Steve Shaw
22-Apr-16 - 06:37 AM
Thread Name: BS: Grammar Police/Pedant alert
Subject: RE: BS: Grammar Police/Pedant alert
The range of inflection available for speech is far greater than that for written English, which renders any formal spoken expression of punctuation redundant. That's why we need to retain the crutch of careful punctuation in writing. Context is something, as you suggest, but not everything. By abolishing apostrophes in the written word you are shifting the onus from where it rightly belongs (on the person doing the communicating) on to the poor recipient, who has to do more mental processing by dint of your omissions. Put that way, it adds a veneer of rudeness and laziness to the writer's attitude. I'm keeping all my apostrophes. I'm rude and lazy enough as it is.