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Posted By: Tattie Bogle
21-Apr-16 - 06:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Grammar Police/Pedant alert
Subject: RE: BS: Grammar Police/Pedant alert
Loved the video! Made me laugh out loud! (O.K. - too many exclamation marks already, and should I have used that hyphen or perhaps a semi-colon?)
Definite grammar/spelling/punctuation (GSP) pedant, thanks to my mother being an English teacher (although Scottish). (Now should that last full stop be inside or outside the bracket?)
My husband is dyslexic, and my 2 (two) children came through school at a time when it was all about "expressing yourself" and who cares about GSP? So now I end up being everyone's proof-reader.
The one that really gets me, as my husband writes his weekly rugby reports of matches against our local team is "Heriot's" - short for George Heriot's. Yes, it already has an apostrophe in it, as shown on the school's and rugby club's own websites. But if there is anything possessive in the narrative does it become Heriot's' or even Heriot's's - or do I do the modern thing and forget all of the apostrophes?