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Thread Name: New Reg Hall Book: A Few Tunes of Good Music
Subject: RE: New Reg Hall Book
No index in the book, but a Search of the .PDF reveals:

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"8","night for Jean MacColl's dancers, he showed no immediate sign of recognition. To my "
"563","recorded by Ewan MacColl in 1955. The Irish immigrant population was young and released "
"598","Kennedy and Ewan MacColl recording him, and, through Ewan MacColl, he made to a "
"598","and, through Ewan MacColl, he made to a trip to Poland with Michael Gorman "
"598","festival for Jean MacColl's dance troupe. He returned home in 1957 (but not "
"603","heard of Ewan MacColl or Peter Kennedy or any other 'folk-song' personalities "
"787","Recording Scheme. Ewan MacColl, primarily a writer for the theatre, and the journalist A. "
"788","Peter Kennedy, Ewan MacColl, Seamus Ennis, formerly of the Irish Folklore Commission and Radio "
"788","he shared with MacColl on 'people's music'. His work at the time was "
"788","Kennedy and Ewan MacColl. At a grass-roots level, arising from the overlapping of "
"788","popularising efforts of MacColl, Lomax, Kennedy and Ennis.7 The staff and members of "
"788","Music. 7 Ewan MacColl, Journeyman: An Autobiography (London, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1990) p."
"799","authentic performance. Ewan MacColl approached the subject quite differently. He saw 'folk musicians' "
"799","his wife Jean MacColl's theatrical folk-dance troupe, whose only saving grace was that "
"799","public appearances. Ewan MacColl's experiment in creating a proletarian music ensemble was totally inept "
"799","musicians improvising.30 MacColl continued with musical hybrids in his radio ballads, but never "
"799","them.31 From MacColl's point of view, these events took people's music to the "
"799","to the 1960s, MacColl directed his efforts once a week towards the didactic Singers "
"799","performed within the MacColl camp. His mannered singing was certainly not highly decorated; rather "
"799","July 1954, Ewan MacColl wrote in his notes to RLP12- 602, Songs of an "
"799","meeting inspired by MacColl's Ballads and Blues, and later in the decade the less "
"800","influence of Ewan MacColl. It was a serious radical view of Irish migration to "
"800","soundtrack offerings of MacColl and Peggy Seeger, were brief appearances of the sean-nos "
"802","acetate discs. Ewan MacColl made home recordings in 1955 of artists with whom he "
"802","long-playing record. MacColl's connection with the Workers' Music Association led to one of "
"804","Alan Lomax, Ewan MacColl, A. L. Lloyd and Bill Leader, with sympathetic counterparts in "
"846","or not Ewan MacColl had any real understanding or appreciation of Michael Gorman's music "
"846","of music. Ewan MacColl was essentially a man of the theatre, and the amateur "
"846","play without interference. MacColl booked Michael Gorman for a number of public appearances with "
"846","this concert that MacColl took another step inept and ill-conceived towards "
"846","to play with MacColl's cronies, Alf Edwards on the English concertina, Bryan Daley on "
"846","drafted the arrangements. MacColl persisted with the idea of such musical hybrids in his "
"847","Reg Hall Collection] MacColl (or perhaps it was his wife Jean) made arrangements "
"847","Greek Street. From MacColl's point of view, these events took people's music to the "
"847","Kennedy and Ewan MacColl inevitably pointed him in Alan Lomax's direction. In 1953 in "
"847","diary) when Jean MacColl suggested I should go with them, making the date June "
"848","was through Ewan MacColl that Michael Gorman's first commercial records were made. MacColl made "
"848","records were made. MacColl made some tape recordings of Michael and Willie Clancy at "
"848","borrowed from Ewan MacColl. The recording fidelity and microphone placement were poor, and at "
"871","bookings at Ewan MacColl's Singers' Club with the English singer Bob Davenport and the "
"902","Recorded by Ewan MacColl at his home in Croydon, 10 March 1955. She Moves "
"903","Topic TSCD679T Ewan MacColl knew of Margaret Barry through Alan Lomax, and he presented "
"903","was between Ewan MacColl and Riverside, but Kenneth Goldstein was most probably the connection. "
"903","at this time. MacColl noted that they both played five-string G banjos, and "
"903","Recorded by Ewan MacColl at his home in Croydon, 1955. Slip-Jig Promenade "
"903","known to Ewan MacColl probably through Seamus Ennis, and they both were booked occasionally "
"903","to appear at MacColl's Ballads & Blues concerts. They also played occasionally for Jean "
"903","occasionally for Jean MacColl's dance troupe. It is not known what the relationship was "
"903","relationship was between MacColl and Folkways. MacColl later gave unissued recordings to Topic Records. "
"903","MacColl and Folkways. MacColl later gave unissued recordings to Topic Records. Folkways incorrected states "
"904","her using Ewan MacColl's tape recorder. The solo LP was abandoned after she joined "
"920","set up Ewan MacColl's Ferrograph tape recorder that he had borrowed, and I understood "
"924","Town. However, Ewan MacColl booked him to sing at the Singers Club, and thus "
"930","Recorded by Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger at their house, Beckenham, Kent, at several "
"930","Traditions TSCD518D Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger were the only people at this time "
"944","played at Ewan MacColl's Singers Club. "

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"603","Steve Pennells, Bob Davenport who sang there, Bill Leader and Alan Waller who sometimes "
"800","[courtesy: Bob Davenport] Though Philip Donellan was an established BBC television producer, his "
"801","was either Bob Davenport or Ernie Groome, and the Rakes (Michael Plunkett, Paul "
"806","and on Bob Davenport's recommendation he shot a sequence of Jimmy Power and a "
"854","the singer Bob Davenport, and Michael wrote a sad message to the band in "
"855","[courtesy: Bob Davenport] Islington Town Hall! [Melody Maker, 26 April 1963] Michael "
"871","English singer Bob Davenport and the step-dancer Eddie Hickey. These were all arranged "
"934","LP of Bob Davenport & The Rakes produced by independent record producers and leased "
"934","LP of Bob Davenport & The Rakes produced by independent record producers and leased "
"967","there. ****************************************************************************************** BOB DAVENPORT acc. BAND 1 BAND 2 Bob Davenport, voice 1; Jimmy "
"967","BAND 2 Bob Davenport, voice 1; Jimmy Power, Lucy Farr & Paul Gross, fiddles; "
"967","Topic 12T5274 Bob Davenport from Gateshead had frequented Irish pubs London since the late "
"982","1980 994 Bob Davenport was the musical advisor for an Arts Council film, The "