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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
20-Jan-01 - 11:58 AM
Thread Name: Help: problem downloading abc & midi files
Subject: RE: Help: problem downloading abc & midi files
It seems that an increasing number of people are using the Crescendo plugin on their sites; it appears to encode midis in a format that normal midi players cannot read, thus forcing you to install the plugin.  I did that once, and the bloody thing completely screwed up all my other music software, so I terminated it with extreme prejudice and wouldn't touch it again with somebody else's bargepole.  It looks as if the piano site is using a similarly "proprietory" plugin for embedded music, though the piano pieces themselves play quite happily through Netscape's native midi player.  It worked the same way in IE, too, though there I seem to have given Winamp the job of playing midis rather than Mediaplayer. Have you checked through your file associations and the "preferences" or "options" settings for whatever used to play midis?

Roger; so far as the abc download problem goes, have you tried opening the text file versions and saving them with an .abc extension?  Was it just a few tunes that are a problem, or is it everything?