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Posted By: Donuel
25-Mar-16 - 06:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: I Love this Idea
Subject: RE: BS: I Love this Idea
Gfs You should like this

Ancient Greece had its mathematicians who looked and found rules in nature. One of those rules was a ratio in which all plants obey when placing one emerging leaf above another so to equally spread access o the sun. Avogadro's number. Tis ratio was found again in the golden mean, Fibonacci's sequence. Even sculptures used the raio and called it the golden curve and still has universal appeal.

I took Beethoven's ninth Ode to Joy and other close knit themes and applied the golden mean ratio to the notes used. I had help from Catters above the line and compared Beethoven's melody to Fibbinoc's sequence from the scale that was posted in Midi.

They matched perfectly.

Beethoven delved deep with the rules of nature to construct graet and timeless themes. He did go deep in his theory and his silence to bring us the secrets of God, as he would put it

But gimme tight two part harmony and I'm happy. I'm not that deep or capable.

Today I think sci fi is less than the greats of last century.

I/m not a great reader so I should probably be better informed on what I am missing.

I do not care for Marvel sci fi or action crap. Some of it is as bad as Godzilla vs. St. Mother Theresa. I know Inter stellar tried hard and it felt like it. Maybe producers of sci fi today don't know of the world's that were penned 25 years ago.