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Posted By: Donuel
25-Mar-16 - 04:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: I Love this Idea
Subject: RE: BS: I Love this Idea
If you are saying we have a failure to communicate, I agree.

Science is moving so fast your objections are wasting time. Delay is the weapon against us all. Think global warming.

I love the idea of diversity for those with a fair degree of scientific sophistication.

Some of theses people could be religious or not, perfectionists or not.
Some of these folks think in pictures like an interacting geometry, some only think in math. Some are visionaries who see great distances in directions where only time goes with the help of funding.

Because I think in interacting pictures does not make me a mystic shaman witch doctor, and you knew that.

Of course engaging in scientific inquiries is welcome however there was not one mention of thought experiment 1.2 to expand, point out paradox or even that it was proposed. We all know your motive is not scientific beyond a pedestrian level.

I would have seen evidence by now. There would not have been pages of nyyah nyyah nyaah.

I know America has lost its finesse and nuance centuries ago. But I expected a bit more decorum from the land of Newton. Asburgers and
autism would be a relief but one dimensional critics are boring.

You may personally be half decent blokes despite the mental images you presented to me. you will have to learn a new style of presenting, listening , stepping back and question again prior to a judgement that was singularly based on an original assumption.
The standard model had nothing to do with 1.2
it was all general relativity

If you are interested in forgetting all the mudcat nagging habits of the past I am willing to try to politely interact.Most of my life was based on assault me once and interaction stops forever, but that was adolescent. I have many more survival tactics now. If you can not have a overarching mind set of COMPETITION to the end and victory, I can not participate. Its OK not to care .

There are roles and personalities as varied in science as there are in music. Maybe the role of the disgraced and the race to disgrace fellow musicians is not as openly practiced as you guys play in the science or BS section.

In other words the need to SHOOT THE FISH IN THE BARREL is a mentality that does not exist in real threads.

Worst of all you scare off people might like to join a discussion of questions and that is bullying

By the way, the disgraced role I wrote about is usually about the guy who supports and defends ideas or tech that is defunct for a lifetime.
Being that recalcitrant is something no one here is all about.