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Posted By: Donuel
23-Mar-16 - 10:01 AM
Thread Name: BS: I Love this Idea
Subject: RE: BS: I Love this Idea
Thought experiment: #1.2

Draw four Concentric circles.
the inner circle is the core of neutrons or neutrino plank star

the second innermost circle is an equilibrium zone is where the gravitational pull is equalized between the inner material and outer material.

the third circle is where centrifugal force is balanced with gravitational force.

The outermost circle is an event horizon.

Material falling in toward the core accelerate from the event horizon. When the material reaches the first equilibrium zone it merely coasts from inertia.

The material then begins to accelerates to the send equilibrium zone and then coasts again due to inertia.

Reaching the core a rebound process should begin with no place to go past a near infinitely packed core.

All the core needs to o is have just a tiny bit more energy heading outward to overcome inward falling material all the while heating up even more.

going outward the equilibrium zones act in a similar way as it does for material falling in.

We can begin to see a pulsating pumping action spreading out ward.

NOW lets look for real examples of this pumping action making concentric pulses of energy heading out ward from a black hole.

This   rebounding action has to heat up the entire black hole.

AS ALL THIS HAPPENS bear in mind that the space time gravity inside the event horizon has slowed relative time down to next to no forward movement of time. If there is even a little movement the slowness of time is not 0. So it can expand.

Now make your own thought experiment or explore this one. If you can confirm or deny this model in less than a day... you might b a red neck - just kidding. take your time.