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Posted By: Donuel
21-Mar-16 - 01:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: I Love this Idea
Subject: RE: BS: I Love this Idea
Is he the baby or   the bathwater ?
I think you are differently wired too. You just need time to evolve.
The dark side may not be what you thought it was.

Keith consider new information before you knee your jerk. (poor jerk)

The dear old queen the queer old Dean at Oxford has confirmed the findings of the dual zones of equilibrium that exist inside a black hole and the possible growth of a black hole that can destabilize said dense star inside a gravity well.

The slow motion explosion of a black hole doesn't start at the core of a rebounding black hole star. Two layers inward there is a zone where the outer mass of a BHS is equal to mass at its core.

(There is no actual singularity since neutrinos do not compress any more beyond a point.)

The other internal zone of equilibrium is the on between mass and centrifugal force.

hen a Black Hole star reaches a critical size it starts to want to expand.

Its expansion begins closer to the event horizon than the core.
Time is moving virtually at a stand still relative to us.

The slow explosions acts more lie a corkscrew pulling from the outside
and not pressure at the core. As the slow motion explosion of the extreme super massive black hole expands at these equilibrium zones grows eventually over billions of years the rebounding former black hole will glow.

The explosion will appear like concentric rings of light. Sometimes the appearance of spokes of a wheel will appear. The concentric circle explosion occurs as a result of the opposing push and pulls between the equilibrium zones and pulls from the core.

It is a beautiful sight 7 billion light years. At half a billion years the event is double the size of our full moon and is a awesome cosmic sight.