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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
20-Mar-16 - 11:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: I Love this Idea
Subject: RE: BS: I Love this Idea
Steve: "What I said In the deleted post was that I don't like to be characterised as a bitter ex-Catholic."

Well, you might 'not like it'..but it rings out, loud and clear.

Steve: " when I've said, time and time again, that my Catholic upbringing, unlike that of many other people, was relatively benign."

Benign?? Enough for you to have an immense 'emotional focus' the way, you might look that up, and read it with an open(if possible) mind.
The problem with those who suffer from 'emotional focus' is they really close off to wider possibilities, and you may find it rather limiting.
BTW, I'm not attacking you...if anything, I'm trying to free you, to a degree, of a self--limiting frame of a self-closing in...NOT good for creativity!

Steve: " I also said that anyone who really loves their kids would not send them to a school which was going to stuff their minds with a pack of lies."

They're not...they are looking for a better far as what you term 'lies', I don't think useful spirituality comes from 'indoctrination', whether it be Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, or any one of a million that could come to mind. Any lasting spirituality comes from an experience..that cannot be taught, other than what the experience shows, if you want to talk about 'religion', that's a whole different animal. Dogma comes through 'drilling in', but 'Love' comes from within, and melds with the one in the same, without. It is a union...sorta like an embrace of a conscious living force...things open up...but as I told you a couple of years ago, you have to ask for it honestly, and sincerely...NOT imagining the answer you'll get....and if you get nothing, then blow it off.....but, don't close off, raising the bar, to suit YOUR definition of what the answer has to look like. Be open to a conscious, actual entity of 'Love'.
Oh, BTW, it might not be a 'pleasant' awakening...but once it happens, you won't be able to forget it!!, be thankful.

Steve: "That's abuse, not love."

LOVE???..... How would you know??..I thought you didn't believe in God.

Hey, I hope the doors blow wide open for ya'!!.....the rest will make sense....understanding of the 'laws of physics' get wider...and you will be able to discern faith from fable, a LOT better, than throwing out the baby with the bathwater!!