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Posted By: Donuel
19-Mar-16 - 10:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: I Love this Idea
Subject: RE: BS: I Love this Idea
If you lit a alcohol soaked q tip and made slow circles with it in the dark you would see a ghost light of the Q tip follow an inch or two behind the real Q tip.

Did you see a vortex of vapor ignition? You could test and see if blocking the rear of the lit Q tip with a small card.

I think we see an illusion. It is called the persistence of vision.
The slowness of the chemical processes of the eye, the re charging chemicals in the eye takes time. This may be the reason for the second ball of faint light.

We see the present in the past, or a physicist would say time is an illusion depending upon your perspective.

With child like eyes we can see the deepest mysteries of the universe.

The water "universe" table by vibrating water at high frequency you can drop and watch tiny balls of silicon float on top and assemble into typical sub atomic structures. With low angle light you will see waves made by the balls bouncing on the water. These are special pilot waves, something we do not see on the lake in the real world but normally only in the quantum universe. The waves flow out in the direction of the tiny silicon balls forward movement.

On rare occasions we do we see what is right before us. In fact if you don't have a frame of reference, something real in front of you is invisible. This idea I presented 15 years ago.

It is our brain that tries to make time predictable and lend a smoothness to motion in your vision. If you did not allow your brain to modify vision you might see the micro flicker of florescent light or the stop action grainy stacking of time slices of trucks going down a distant highway or a conductors baton actually stop and start in tiny time slices. Jerky motion can cause survival difficulties. Its good we modify the perception of time motion.

Our senses are posed right at the precipice of chaos. If they were much more sensitive they would reveal more about chaos than the smoothness we think is reality.

I do not mean any of this to sound complex. If anything it is pure simplicity.

Now if I wanted to be dramatic I could talk about how time stops inside a black hole and the black hole is right now in the process of a colossal explosion but it is in such slow motion because of the extreme slow motion (curvature of spacetime) the explosion will probably never be seen by man.
There will be a time they will start going off as if it is all at once growing evermore frequent.