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Posted By: Donuel
19-Mar-16 - 06:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: I Love this Idea
Subject: RE: BS: I Love this Idea
It sounds like you know the answer but he was really a populist Christian. He later had an office in the W white house in charge of the born again base for Bush. Joe, humans are good at pattern recognition. YOU'RE GOOD AT PATTERNS. You sir are a human being.

Do you ever just do something to watch what happens with no expectations to see what happens? Do you undertake rudderless tasks to understand the interactions. I have always noticed there are changeable interactions of a thing, more than there is just a thing itself.
To see interactions geometrically it is like mentally taking a dozen balloons with different properties, effect one another from heat or cold or vector compression and make various shapes because of the nature of each balloon. It can be as complex as fluid dynamics or simple as dry sand and wind. These games or simple aimless playing can be a waste of time or a grand taste of time.

Be it a lit alcohol soaked
Q tip ignited in a dark closet and moved slowly in a circle while you
watch the Q tip.

OR building a model universe and watching it to see what happens under various energies in space.

The way I made a model universe is as follows.

First I needed energetic space. A pan from a commercial bakery was filled with a inch or less of water and secured a speaker under the pan with epoxy. If you not have the means to control the frequencies
you could use a motorized unbalanced weight from a massage pad or chair but have a variable resistor so you can adjust the speed of vibration. Speakers are best. Now we have some energetic space.

Single steady high sounds with enough volume is key.

Now we will add matter to the fabric of space. Silicon lubrication spray works well. It works better than oil.

Tune the vibration to A below high C or A above high C.

If you add a drop of silicon with a tooth pick it should dance upon the top of the water. If it doesn't, adjust frequency until it does

I should not tell you what to look for. It spoils the fun if you are familiar with science or quantum mechanics .

but I doubt anyone will build a universe here.

So what you may see is how multiple drops interact just like quantum particles. You will see what Tesla theorized as the pilot wave.

It is a wave instead of behind a "boat", it is a wave that proceeds the "boat" and points the direction the drops will go in the future.

You can do a double slit experiment. Prompt the drops of silicon to head near the double slits and watch.

You are seeing a particle and its wave interact with an energetic 2D universe! Depending on your imagination and knowledge you may see much more.

Discovery feels good. It might just be a 1 meter circle some place in your yard. If you are open you can discover it and see a larger meaning.

If playing like this feels bad to you its OK you are sure to be good at discovering something. I love the idea of discovery be it in angstroms or millimeters, miles or light years.

I've given you three things to try like a child. If even one fills you with wonder I've done a mitzvah.