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Posted By: Donuel
16-Mar-16 - 07:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: I Love this Idea
Subject: RE: BS: I Love this Idea
"GOD like not god lie."

for what ever reason you have a **** ** regarding my religious education, I can never change your mind. I don't want to. If you could answer one question please answer "How dare you Donuel for ..........?"

You sometimes decide I deserve your ire. Being who I am, I can't change your mind.
it seems as impossible as teaching satire to a fundamentalist Taliban who thinks a joke is anathema deserving a stoning of the comedian.

My high horse is no higher than your participation in high jacking every thread I start about gravity waves or advanced genetics cosmology, the queen of science, with the same ol oppositional explorations of religion. Way off topic dude. Despite your animosity at times I will always appreciate the dedication, the hours, the frustration and cooperation of building something real, MUdcat

Or do you not know my religious education?
Do you know who presided at our wedding?

I know;
Without religion there is no JS Bach or lots of beautiful experiences and healing.
I do not even mention the other side of the coin.

In conclusion I am happy as a nobody. If you need to be angry at a nobody sometimes, fine. It might be fun.   Just don't stay mad
That would be boring.

PS the blue clicky link seems to broken the last couple trys