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Posted By: GUEST,gnu in cogs... neato eh?
15-Mar-16 - 07:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: Rap for emperor
Subject: RE: BS: Rap for emperor
Whassup wit' all 'at eh wha'? I speaks English, Yank English, Chiac, Newfie, Labradorian, Bluenoser, Albert County Good Ol' Boy, and Kent County Good Ol' Boy. *Now* you want me to learn all them there other ones? Oh... and I do pretty good at Maineiac too as they eat lobstahs same whay we do in these pahts heeyah. Not like in them fancy restahrawhts down in New Yahk where they cuts em up the middle... nevah could understand that crowd. We cracks em fine wit nuttin but our 'ands, zir. A lobster boilup be some shockin good, buddy but ya gots ta do 'er proper, roight? None a that there fancy shit.

IT... just brainstorming here. What about a lobster chamber in the lowest dungeon? Win-win or what?