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Posted By: Donuel
15-Mar-16 - 09:58 AM
Thread Name: BS: I Love this Idea
Subject: RE: BS: I Love this Idea
Have you ever experienced infinity? It is remarkable that you can reach a destination even when it is just short of infinity.
I don't expect someone else to understand.

   I once saw two semi transparent 10 centimeter spheres pass through solid matter twice. I touched one at its outermost nebulous surface.

I could call it a ufo but it was not a solid object.
Of course there is no solid object on Earth .
Yu would have to go to a black hole, magnatar or neutron star to have a fairly solid object.

This is when my interest in cosmology began.
I had a poor frame of reference but there was an associated time distortion along with the spheres phenomena.

By touching it I was able to rule out ball lightening but I remain open for aan explanation of this one off event.

It was clear to me it did not interact with matter in any way I am familiar.