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Posted By: Donuel
14-Mar-16 - 11:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: I Love this Idea
Subject: RE: BS: I Love this Idea
All I said was that it is not impossible. Galaxies used to be much smaller which is good for the pan spermia proposition.

As a hypnotist and science enthusiast I used to visit Alan Hynek, astrophysicist, professor at Northwestern, ufo researcher and stooge for Project Blue Book at his Evansville home.

You are asking the right person about photographic evidence and experiential evidence. I did ufo radio shows out of Rochester NY as the skeptic who demanded extraordinary evidence. I interviewed or hypnotized hundreds of self proclaimed ufo witnesses for a local interest group etc etc.

'Remotely convincing' is a very low standard so I would say yes to that. The detailed Swiss photos; fake. Gulf Breeze; fake, Hudson valley; not fake but no detail. etc.

What is real are a scant few videos and film in NASA archives. Private photos from airline passengers are real but blurred beyond recognition

Back to Alan Hynek, he never saw a ufo.

I have seen a fireball, colorful comet, lunar impact backlit by eclipse and a gold colored mars at its closest orbit for 30,000 years.

But I have never in real time both heard and seen a ufo at the same time.

But that wasn't really your point was it.