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Posted By: gnu
12-Mar-16 - 04:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: Rap for emperor
Subject: RE: BS: Rap for emperor
Jennie git yer gun! We's goin after tourerists! Ya know. Them what rob them city folks on the highaway. Word has it that Roger Moore, stupid bitch that he is, is riding through the glen with his merry men as we speak. We must move swiftly... like, RFN, eh? Iffin ya don't get back to me like RFN, I will have no recourse but to act on the Emp's orders and take him out on my own.

Now, normally, I would use a large calibre rifle but I have been advised in a Facebook group that small calibres are better because "it's all about shot placement" soooo, being frugal and wishing to stay within the Emp's budget (cheap bastard), I shall endeavour to take him out with a Red Ryder BB Gun. You know, the one with the compass in the stock? Well, that was the one made famous in the classic Kissmeass movie A Christmas Story. Mine doesn't have the compass. We were poor. But, I never shot my eye out.

Right then! There shall be no delay as I take matters into my own trigger finger. Wish me good luck, tight lines and straight shootin. I am away to defend Our Realm from evil doers. Our Lupines shall be defended no matter the peril I may face. I hear he is good shot but I have a lever action repeater!