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Posted By: GUEST,Severn (two bits worth of mastery)
01-Mar-16 - 02:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: Rap for emperor
Subject: RE: BS: Rump for importer
Very few people know that gnu will regularly lie outside on his back, pouring sugar water into his rather deep navel and use it for a hummingbird feeder, keeping his "innie" free from all lint and contaminents, so in a way, he has sneakily at least partially won the bird argument. He got the idea watching cable TV and seeing a specialized friendly bird cleaning the teeth of the very reptile that stuffed his croc pot by dining on The Crocidile Hunter. (Showing you CAN pick your friend's teeth).

Thank you for making me quartermaster. If anybody has an issue with that, I shall show them who's master and give them no quarter! Aaaaaarrrrgh! To the rest of you, I assure you that I'll end up giving you proper fits. However, if I should die, I would want the as yet undesigned flags flown at Half-Master......

If anyone should harm gnu'd belly button, our Admiral Of The Fleet assured me that he'd send out a naval destroyer to take care of the matter. Any harm to his backside will be handled by the Rear Admiral....