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Posted By: GUEST,Severn
17-Feb-16 - 06:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: Rap for emperor
Subject: RE: BS: Rap for emperor
Just what are we getting esteemed up about?

Rap'll be disappointed, bless his appointed little head, as I haven't much use for any shiny rocks that don't play LPs. I don't know what I like better about precious metals, gemstones and jewelry, the fact that the stuff tastes so good or the fact that it keeps me warm at night when I cuddle up to it. In short, the stuff's highly overrated, so I'll have none to send. You'll have to test my mettle without much metal by meddling in other ways and probably giving yourself a medal for your efforts.

And what will become of all those weapons due or overdued to olddude. It is my belief that no man should posses more arms than, say, a squid. That he's prostituted himself for this mongrel whored of lethal stuff, begs the question ("Can I ask it? Huh? Huh? Can I, can I, can I, puhleeeze?") what he will DO with such an armory.

And I'm sad to say that the most I've been offered so far by the present regime is the post of Naval Attaché To Nepal, with no mention of salary, much less, amount of salary. "I'm the one who made you free", says Rap and I'm sure you're worth every penny of it....."
That's gratitude for you. But, as I said, I'm one who doesn't pick, and eschews precious stones and other like sucheries.....