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Posted By: Richard Bridge
20-Oct-15 - 12:39 AM
Thread Name: BS: Driving Situations You Avoid or try to.
Subject: RE: BS: Driving Situations You Avoid or try to.
I do notice that there seem to be more and more arseholes on the road. Just the day before yesterday there was a young-ish chap obliviously toodling along in the third land of a four lane motorway at 60 when the limit was 70. I and a few others were queued up behind him while the fourth lane passed us. One went up his inside (so that's boo to both of them) one went round the outside when there was space and then tucked back sharply (a peccadillo rather than a sin) to show the middle lane owner where he should be. I gave him several flashes of full beam and my piercing airhorns to see if he was going to wake up - which he didn't - and then after indicating went outside once I was happy that he was not going to pull out. I pulled back to the clear inside lane - and the idiot stayed in the third lane at 60!

In my girlfriend's town I often see idiots usually in Audis BMWs or Mercs but sometimes hot Hondas who will push up the inside and then out into a queue, and/or push up the outside and into a queue, or furiously duck and weave and lane-change at up to 70 in a section that is a 30 limit.