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Posted By: GUEST,Lin
01-Oct-15 - 08:25 PM
Thread Name: Sing Out Magazine ?
Subject: RE: Sing Out Magazine ?
Is the magazine still in print? Several years ago I used to be able to buy it at a book & magazine store in Ontario, California.
The vendor who supplies the store with their magazines (many are music related) used to bring it to the store (4 x a year) It was actually special ordered because the store did have it in their magazine system at that time. Then the vendor for the store
(not an employee of the store) stopped bringing it and the manager of the store told me they could no longer get it from their vendor.
Apparently vendor could not get it from whatever source he/she was ordering at the time.

Barnes & Noble (another store) also does not and cannot get it as it is not in their system of magazines in their computer.
They also carry quite a lot of music magazines but not Sing Out.
I had a manager of that store look it up in their system too but not in their system to order.

So why is this magazine so hard to find now? Years ago when Tower Records were still around in California - (some stores would have it but not all locations) but of course that store is long gone here.

At one time, back in the 1980's or early 90's a friend gave me a 1 year subscription but the magazine always came late (meaning when stores out here used to carry it) I would get it at least 3 to 4 weeks later, after the stores already had it in stock on their shelves. I thought that when you subscribe you would get the magazine before it got to the stores or at least around the same time. I had not moved - same address and got several other magazines at that time - which always came on time but Sing Out was always really late. I loved the magazine and would like to find it again (if it still is in print.)?? I do not own a Smart Phone or tablet so I would like to find it in a store again.