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Posted By: Pseudolus
12-Jan-01 - 09:26 AM
Thread Name: Favourite covers of Dylan songs
Subject: RE: Favourite covers of Dylan songs
Peg, I agree, there's nothing necessarily wrong with using her position to state her case....I didn't say there was. However, you still don't seem to be allowing the other side the ability to voice theirs. If they are reacting to a political statement or action that she made, isn't their opposing reaction by definition a political statement?

Also, remember she didn't just simply "speak out" against someone she disagrees with, she made a bold statement by ripping that picture, I assume for the purposes of making a strong point. You can't expect bold statements to go unchallenged by those who disagree. Kinda like the difference between, "I strongly disagree with the beliefs of the Pope and have no respect for him whatsoever" .vs. "that asshole in the vatican". One is a statement of your beliefs and the other is on the borderline of an attack. A statement of you beliefs is likely to start a discussion, maybe even a lively one. An attack is more likely to start a fight.

And that is my humble opinion......