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Posted By: Edmund Flynn (inactive)
11-Jan-01 - 07:16 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night
I'm reviving this old thread because I found another version of this old song, and the fox comes to a sad end in this one.

It is in a schoolbook: "New Music Horizons, Fourth Book" copyright 1945 by Silver Burdett Company.

The tune is quite different, though I haven't worked it out. I am unlearned (it takes me forever to figure out a tune) and I am happy with Burl Ives' version for singing. But I will snail-mail a photocopy to any one who is a serious student.

A fox went out in a hungry plight
And he begged of the moon to give him light
For he'd many miles to trot that night
Before he could reach his den-o
Den-o, den-o! For he'd many miles to trot that night
Before he could reach his den-o

The fox when he came to the farmer's style
He lifted his ears and he listened a while
"Oho!" said the fox, "'Tis but a short mile
From this to yonder town-o!"
Town-o.... etc.

The fox he came to the farmer's gate
> When whom should he see but the farmer's drake
"I love you well for your master's sake,
I long to be picking your bones-o
Bones-o... etc.

The gray goose came right around the haystack;
"Oho! said the fox, You're very fat;
You'll do very well to ride on my back
From this to yonder den-o!"
Den-o... etc.

Then old Mrs. Slipper-slopper jumper out of bed
And out of the window she popped her head
"John, John, the old gray goose is gone
And the fox is off to his den-o
Den-o... etc.

The farmer loaded his pistol with lead
And he shot the old fox right through the head;
"Aha!" said the farmer "You're now quite dead
And no more you'll trouble the town-o
Town-o... etc.

We see foxes behind our house quite often, and I'm on their side. I guess that is because I raise plants, not geese. But it sure is too bad we can't solve our deer overpopulation here with a load or two of lead!

Ed Flynn,
Rockville, Maryland