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Posted By: Peg
11-Jan-01 - 02:08 PM
Thread Name: Favourite covers of Dylan songs
Subject: RE: Favourite covers of Dylan songs
I do like Richie Havens' version of that, too; he occasionally performs live in Boston's South Station lunchtime concerts...

and Jimi's version of All Along the Watchtower is not only my favorite Dylan cover but one of my favorite recordinsg ever made...(it is used to great efefct in the British film "Withnail and I")

oh, and on Sinead; she never puked on stage (where did THAT come from?)

She tore up the Pope's pic on national TV because that asshole (the pope) had recently been quite vocal about his views on abortion and women's subservient role in society. Sinead is Irish, you see, and at this same time there occurred a well-publicized case of a young Irish girl who became pregnant as a result of incest and was denied the right to have an abortion. Sinead was not only offering her indignation as an individual, but for proponents of women's reproductive rights the world over.

I think her ability to maintain her dignity, not to mention sing another powerful song at the spur of the moment, a cappella, when all those white Yuppie men (most of whom probably became Dylan fans when it became trendy in the 80s) were jeering her was nothing short of astounding. Kris Kristofferson's efforts to comfort her were also admirable.

Booing a musician for expressing their political beliefs is right up there with booing politicians for their musical abilities...and just as offensive as criticizing them for their sexual preferences; but, given who initially made these ignorant comments, guess we have to expect that...