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Posted By: Janie
30-Jun-15 - 09:46 PM
Thread Name: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Subject: RE: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Those of you who are such direct caregivers, be it of spouses, children or parents, it is such a hard job that I can not do.    So grateful that in the world there are at least some family members who can dig deep enough to do this hard job of love and responsibility in really instrumental ways.

You are not saints. And it seems to me it is sometimes an awful burden to bear when people label you as such. But you keep on doing what love and duty calls you to do when some, like me, can not shoulder that burden. Let us be really clear. It is a burden. Also a burden rarely equally shared among family members, and for very, very many different and overdetermined reasons.

You are not saints. You have no obligation to appear noble, even when you are not feeling noble. But you are heroic and absolutely awesome, none-the-less.

Sometimes, knowing others see you as awesome, even when you are not feeling so awesome yourself, but feeling careworn, overwhelmed, storm-tossed, resentful, or just wanting to scream 'I can not do this another second - may be enough to carry you through to the next minute, next hour, or next day.

All I can offer is a virtual cup of tea, and occasionally a song of encouragement or empathy. That is all any of us can offer. But I truly hope those offerings help, and believe they do, or I would not still be posting here.

Haven't found any tune or song to post that is a proper tribute to you as caregivers. So just posting a song I like, by a group I like, that I hope you will enjoy.
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