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Posted By: catspaw49
08-Jan-01 - 09:04 PM
Thread Name: Favourite covers of Dylan songs
Subject: RE: Favourite covers of Dylan songs
Yeah Zeb, doanit gitcha'?

I like Arlo's covers, but then again, I like Arlo. He does a number of them in concerts that aren't recorded and I have always found them great.

The 30th Concert was a good "watch" and I view the tape every now and then. Some were good, some were great, some were pretty marginal, and some of them just bit the big one. I don't think anyone "bit the big one" more than Johnny and June.......that was completely awful. Johnny sang a half step flat in one key, June was half tone sharp in another, and the band played (very well) in a third.

***Johnny Winter slidin' it as only he can. Just fun to watch if nothing else. He didn't like the tempo and was trying to get the band to pick it up, meanwhile forgetting verses right and left....but still an amazing performance by the skinniest, whitest, guy on the planet!

***The Band....Just did a fine job on "Masterpiece" as only they could do it.

***Eric Clapton....Ol' Slow Hand brought something entirely different to "Don't Think Twice" and its still one of the best parts of that show for me. The words took on an entirely different meaning in his treatment. From a sarcastic, kind of "aw screw it" song to a mournful plea......unbelievable!

***Tom Petty....Always does Dylan well and did a song that doesn't get much notice, but is one of his best, "License to Kill."

***Nanci Griffith....The best of this was her picker sideman and the backup by Carolyn Hester on "Boots of Spanish Leather."

***Ritchie Havens...Perhaps the best rendition of "Just Like a Woman" I have ever heard! And that guitar style........How long is his thumb anyway?

***Neil Young.....Well he was Neil at his competely screwed and terminally weird best. An absolute RIOT to watch.....It was difficult to tell if he was playing that Les Paul or screwing it.

***Lou Reed on "Foot of Pride?" The band was great with the arrangement, but Lou should have called it in.

***Roger McGuinn......He was OK because he was with Tom and the Heartbreakers. I can't stand the guy and when he gets into that head bobbing thing he looks like he belongs in the rear window of a Jamaican taxi.

***Eddie Vedder simply tore up "Masters of War"....a good one for him and right down his alley.

***Chrissie Hynde ..... good job, but have you ever noticed she looks like the female version of Tom Petty?

***George Harrison.....I love "Absolutely Sweet Marie" but George to me was pretty so-so on that night.

***Bob Dylan covering Bob Dylan......On that night Bob was the ultimate spoof of himself. His playing was really good, but Bob can never figure out how to end a song. His voice though.........I know each of those songs well and I couldn't recognize one word in ten!!! It was as though Bob did a bad imitation of himself. What can you say? He's Dylan.