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Posted By: Nigel Paterson
26-May-15 - 10:18 AM
Thread Name: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Subject: RE: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Much here on which to reflect...much here that is deserving of comment, which, as so often happens, has been covered by others, far more eloquently & profoundly than I could ever manage. All of which is not helped by the fact that I'm writing this, wallowing in self-pity...PMR out of whack...Diabetes out of whack...Osteopenia causing more problems than I was ever led to believe it would & steroids, don't get me started on steroids! I'm trying to compose my way out of this 'slough of despond' with mixed results...little finesse, loud, rough 'n' ready...a brass player's/percussionist's dream. It's interesting how the internalised anger finds it's way to my hands...not just a case of physically striking the keys harder, but also the harmonic choices...more dissonance; melodies more angular & abrasive. If I get this piece finished, it's going to need as much editing as it did composing. An appropriate working title could be: "Rant for Orchestra".
          Forgive me...I'm in an awkward frame of mind.
                                                                                 With Love to You All,