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Posted By: Mr Red
17-May-15 - 04:41 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Local place names - local pronunciation
Subject: RE: Folklore: Local place names - local pronunciation
near Dursley (which ex-wifey pronounced Durzle) there is an area called Cam (pronounced Cam), and just to confuse down the road where the river runs is Cambridge (came bridge)!
Eynsham near Oxford (pronounced Oxford!) is pronounced En-sham

And as for Welsh pronunciations - Gog Gymraig (or is that Cymraig Gog?) would pronounce with accents that can remind you of a Teutonic Tinge, whereas in South Wales (look-see) it is a bit more to the lyrical end of the spectrum. I have heard Cymraigophones pronounce Caerphilly and Caerleon distinctly Cai-r-lee-on etc. I know not whence the pronouncers originated.
And my Aunt married a Knighton-ite (pronounced neye ton) which is almost as English as Monmouth which I was assured by a lass there was pronounced Munmuth (two short close syllables) and she insisted they didn't say "look you" it was "look see"

So the Machynlleth interpretation comes from Knighton.

Presteign? Press-teen and Penmaenmawr Pen-mine-mou-er (ish) where there was a boot maker in the 20's. Uncle had a shoeshop.