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Posted By: GUEST,punkfolkrocker
09-May-15 - 08:20 AM
Thread Name: Bill Leader / Trailer Records
Subject: RE: Bill Leader / Trailer Records
Fred - you seem to be getting a bit over heated pushing a non issue as far as I'm concerned
- we are actually in agreement.

My point is, it is because of respect for Mr Leader's outstanding skill as an engineer and producer,
that so many folks emphasise that Vinyl rips should only be used as a last resort,
only if tapes are beyond reasonable doubt completely lost or damaged beyond use.

No one should just dismiss the importance of the master tapes
[or better still the multitracks, whenever still in existence]

I was one of the unaware suckers who purchased a CD [factory pressed, not burned CDr]
of "Bright Phoebus" from a certain Amazon seller.

First quick listen through budget small hi fi speakers was ok.

More detailed listen through decent CD player and studio monitoring quality headphones
revealed ugly unpleasant distortions on the dynamic peaks of Lal Waterson's singing.

I would be fairly confident those distortions were not on the original Leader master tape,
but a product of amateurish digital transfer of suspect vinyl
[not forgetting the debacle of the bodged pressing for a large number of this LP].

Even serious pro audio technicians, using best available restoration software
would be hard pressed to repair and disguise that kind of distortion
for the commercial audiophile re-release LPs of this recording quality deserve..

It is not a job for well meaning hobbyists using home hi fi equipment.

Pro Vinyl ripping and manual de-clicking & remastering is a skilled craft.

Even some reputable commercial mastering studios may not have good enough equipment and expertise
to do the job to a high enough standard.

Obtaining the master tapes is of paramount concern.