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Posted By: Jim Carroll
08-May-15 - 10:42 AM
Thread Name: Bill Leader / Trailer Records
Subject: RE: Bill Leader / Trailer Records
" I suspect much of it is too damaged to be of much use"
I hope this is an assumption and not based on personal knowledge
There is no reason why reel-to-reel material should be damaged beyond use unless it has been maliciously mishandled
As a storage system, it proved extremely stable - I was once told by someone in Topic that any print-through that was going to happen, would do o within the first hour of it being reeeled onto the spool and the only way to avoid this was to "find a building with a very high building and hang each length of tape from the roof".
All the recordings we have issued have been taken from reel-to-reel, most of it dating back to the mid-1970s - (no great problems) and the storytelling tape we did for Malcom Taylor in the VWML includes tales recorded for 'The Bg Hewer' and 'The Travelling People Radio Ballads in the 1960s (but not used on them) - again, no problem
Some of our taped 'hoardings' date back to the mid-1960s - and the few problems we have encountered are more to do with the fact that we were forced to seek out the cheapest tape we could find rather than how old they are.
Personally, my interests lie in the recordings of source singers rather than the revival ones, not for research or academic study, but it would be nice to think others were able to get the same pleasure we did from listening to the older singers
I would have thought that the first step in getting access to the younger singers stuff would be to engage the support of the singers concerned or their families.
Jim Carroll