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Posted By: Musket
19-Apr-15 - 03:33 AM
Thread Name: rejuvenating old guitar strings.
Subject: RE: rejuvenating old guitar strings.
Certainly, elastic limit could be a factor if this is reached. My work up till fifteen years ago was with designing and building vibrating structures, feeders, screens, compacting tables etc.

When you tighten bolts on vibrating motors, you retightened them again after an hour and then they were OK as the elastic limit of (8.8) bolts had been reached.

Same with strings? Not sure. Pulling them when you fit them is more to do with bedding them in than stretching to a limit. If you reach the limit, then they would break easily.

I also don't think boiling water would be hot enough to stress relieve them but would be delighted to be proved wrong. I reckon the removal of gunk is the factor here.

To be honest, strings aren't stupidly priced versus the lotions and potions, heating costs etc. I put Elixir on those I want to last and D'Darrio on those I change often. I bulk buy the latter at just over a fiver a set.