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24-Mar-15 - 04:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: Richard III
Subject: RE: BS: Richard I I I
The Battle of Bosworth Field.
(Dick Miles)

1.On the 22nd of August with glistening sword and shield.
Brave Richard king of England,did fight at Bosworth Field.
He led his troops in battle,and death did bravely face
The White Rose did fall never more to be replaced.
Chorus.A horse, a horse,my kingdom for a horse.

2.Fight on stout hearted swordsman for king and country fight.
and aim you well bold archers the enemy well fright.
oh take you heed Northumberland and false Lord Stanley.
Have courage me lads for victorious we shall be.

3. So thick and fast the arrows around the king did fly
when to the south marching up the hill false Stanley he did spy.
he mounted on his charger,to fight all for his crown
The White Rose did fall never more to leave the ground

4.Unseated from his charger as on the ground lay he
surrounded and out numberd by lord stanleys infantry
they quickly stoop to kill as hawks high in the sky
The White Rose did fall theselast words he then did cry

5.and so the last of the House of York to death did come at last
He ruled his people fairly and the law for bail he passed
a good and noble ruler by the Tudors so disgraced.
The White Rose did fall never more to be replaced.

copyright, Dick Miles.
this song was written about 1984,and recorded on Cheating the Tide GVR227,with Martin Carthy playing guitar.
my inspiration was a book called The Daughter of Time,by Josephine Tey,I realised that Richard the Third,had been unfairly treated by historians,and particularly by William Shakespeare.
Shakespeare was writing at a time when if you criticised the existing monarchy you could be executed,and had to be careful not to upset the ruling Tudor dynasty,who were close relatives of Henry the Seventh.
I think this tune is suited to open guitar tuning,I played it in emodal or Eminor,but I would of course be happy for anyone to sing the song,and do it just how they want.
I am not sure but I think the tune is in the dorian mode. Dick Miles