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Posted By: Tootler
13-Mar-15 - 07:00 PM
Thread Name: Tech: amplifying acoustic ceilidh bands
Subject: RE: Tech: amplifying acoustic ceilidh bands
I have, on a couple of occasions been involved in bands such as the OP describes and on a couple of other been in the audience when such bands were performing.

In each case a small number of band members acted as principles and either had instruments plugged in directly or were close miked with mics attached to the instruments or by standing close to a mic. They were the "engine" of the band. For the rest, mics (presumably omnis) were distributed round the band to pick up the remainder of the band. The sound was balanced so that the principles stood out but the remainder of the band could still be heard so that they sounded like a band and not a few soloists with some also rans. Will Fly makes a good point about needing time to set up and sound check.

It's worth using time in a practice to set up your PA and get some basic settings so that you know where to plug everything in and what approximate settings to start from (and where everyone is to sit/stand) so you don't waste time setting up and with your sound check when you're doing it for real. It's important to start on time, after all.