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Posted By: Will Fly
13-Mar-15 - 12:30 PM
Thread Name: Tech: amplifying acoustic ceilidh bands
Subject: RE: Tech: amplifying acoustic ceilidh bands
An omni is an omni-directional mike that will pick up sounds from a very wide angle, or even from a full 360 degree circle. Many mics have a narrow field, so you have to be fairly in front of them to get a reasonable sound.

The mics on my little Zoom H2 (for example: the front mic has a 90 degree angle sound "catchment", while the rear mic has (I believe) a 120 degree angle catchment.

The principle problem, with whatever amplification you use, is sound balancing - and the pre-dancing sound check. Our band has 6 musicians and a caller, and we can more or less leave the mixing controls in a set position from gig to gig, with just some minor adjustments dependant on the individual hall acoustics. And our sound check takes us about 10 minutes or so. Whereas, if you're constantly varying the number and type of musicians from gig to gig, the balance will be more complex and the sound check much longer!

I believe there were some symphonic recordings made in the 1950s in Canada where there was just one supermic for the whole orchestra - suspended from the ceiling. The records sounded great!

For bigger venues of course, you could recruit more players - rather than stick to smaller venues... :-)