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Posted By: Will Fly
24-Feb-15 - 02:06 PM
Thread Name: I need some honest advice
Subject: RE: I need some honest advice
Alan - some comments from me - I do hope they're useful...

1. There's no doubt whatsoever that you can play, sing and entertain well (in two languages) - but where do you want your focus to be? As Jeri so rightly says, what makes you desirably unique - or if not unique (uniqueness is hard to achieve!), at least the owner of one solid area of excellence? That's for you to decide.

2. As far as the video is concerned, I think it rambles and repeats itself a little too much. I appreciate that it's put together from several live performances, but perhaps the choice of clips could have been edited together more precisely, with less repetition. I also noticed that the aspect ratio of certain clips was 4:3, and that of others was 9:5. Result - you look normal some of the time and emaciated some of the time - which is somewhat distracting!

3. The bilingual bit. I wish I could do that (perhaps I could in French and English), but if I did, I'd subtitle the German bits in English - and the English bits in German - just to be sure.

4. Shoot some more live footage, all with the same aspect ratio, and edit it together so that there's no repetition - which will give more dimension to your act.

Hope this is constructive and of some use!