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Posted By: Musket
24-Feb-15 - 01:19 PM
Thread Name: I need some honest advice
Subject: RE: I need some honest advice
It is interesting that I have been to concerts, thoroughly enjoyed them as a punter and noticed that bits have appeared on YouTube. Also, I opened for a band the other week who I had never heard before so obviously, YouTube got some hammer beforehand.

The common link is that YouTube didn't "do it" for me. Was that the same concert?? Is that the same band? Nothing whatsoever you can do about that in general, but getting a more polished set of snippets will help. Of course promoters and agents make allowances for bad videos, but where you made them?

Some bits on YouTube I would happily pull down and sincerely hope nobody judges my performance by them, but as I didn't do them, not my fault. If I had though...

What are you billing yourself as? Folk? Comedy? Are all the songs funny ones? Your material? Traditional? Reworks of others' songs? What came across as good was banter with the audience, and that is important. But what else did you show? A couple of witty lines in songs or as part of the introduction, the ability to play guitar and I think physical presence came across. The vinegar test being, if I was at the bar before the concert, would I think "that must be the turn?" In your case, yes.

Longer cuts of songs, shorter one liners with the audience, slow fade between scenes and labels. If this is for business purposes, don't ever assume. A label saying "Some banter..." and "Funny songs," "ballads" etc etc may look corny for someone to just sit and enjoy the clip, but this clip is for other purposes.

Look for your unique selling point! We can all play guitar, we can all hold a note, we can all crack jokes and get a laugh, some can even have hair, (not in my gift...) but those who get booked have something that people remember.

What is yours?

Make sure you write the answer in the clip...

Good luck!