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Posted By: Will Fly
11-Dec-14 - 09:47 AM
Thread Name: what is a session?
Subject: RE: what is a session?
It's interesting 'tradition' is brought into this. To my mind traditional musicians did not exist or play in a vacuum. They were part of a the community and functioned within the community. Quite different from the attitude expressed earlier in this thread. And there lies my point: Traditional music never was solely the plaything of the musicians, only to play to eachother. It wasn't necessarily performance based either. But to declare yourself separate from your environment 'we're only here for our own entertainment' seems a rather extreme position to take.

It would be nice indeed if traditional music was a part of the community in the way that you describe. Personally, I think all that went out a long, long time ago, although it's interesting to read about it as it was in a place not far from me - Rottingdean - as described in Bob Copper's "A Song For Every Season" (a book I read regularly). His description of singing together in the family or with fellow village workers in the Black Horse is fascinating. I've also made music in the Black Horse - as part of a Southern Soul band - not quite the same tradition!

I doubt that many in the audience at my session would recognise a traditional tune or song if they heard it, though they might like it if they heard one. On the other hand, when me and my mate Chris play a bit of 1950s' rock'n roll and blues in the Bat and Ball (a market traders' local) in Brighton on a Sunday afternoon, and everyone's bellowing along with us and buying us endless pints, I suppose we're functioning within the community... :-)